The nursery booked a session with All Star Arts, we believe that the Arts are very important to the development of a child. Art, music, dance and drama can encompass many of the aspects and skills required in the EYFS...Having a visitor to the nursery, who is a specialist in the arts, meant a lot to the children and suddenly something they do all the time became really very special to them. It helped focus the children on muscle movement, stretching, arm and leg movement and simple having a good giggle.


The children really enjoyed the session and still talk about the day. Vicky helped the children gain confidence to move and join in dances, they especially enjoyed the ribbons  dances. The children enjoyed moving as different animals, soaring like birds and thinking about how each one moves and sounds using the instruments.


The sessions included many of the childrens’ favourite songs as well as learning new ones that now get played everyday. Children love to move, sing and dance and if you need a boost then choose All Star Arts.  

Rebecca Creagh (Squirrels Leap Nursery)  February 2017 

What an awesome party! My little girl was so excited on the run up to it and was not disappointed! From the beginners to the more experienced dancers, everyone could join in, even me 

Julie Blakeman  April 2017

Vicky came to do a dance party for my daughter's 6th birthday party. We were so impressed, as were the other parents who attended. Vicky was so lovely with the children and kept their attention the whole time. They did fun games to start with and won some prizes and then learned a dance routine to a pop song. At the end they dressed up and did a final performance for the parents. They children all received a certificate for their effort too. Vicky was so accommodating and was happy to be flexible about timings for food etc. I would highly recommend an All Star Arts party. Thank you Vicky.

Ps My daughter still does the dance moves she learned every time the song comes on!


Sarah Olney  July 2017 

Vicky is great with kids. 

Gee Shutts  May 2017 

Fun and Energetic party - lots of games played and sweets given. 1 hour was enough for my little one and and her friends. 

Alice M May 2019 

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